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Patema Inverse - Estelle Micheau

Anime: Sakasama no Patema


サカサマのパテマ (2013)


Nari & Naru are 19-year-old Japanese twin sisters who we often see around Harajuku these days. They are super fun and friendly and they both love vintage/resale fashion. These photos were taken on Cat Street. Full Looks

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pls watch shounen hollywood


this is a completely serious anime about boys who want to become idols
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this is a completely serious anime about boys who want to become idols


So the designs for this years Prince Summer! is finally out! If the boys didn’t stand out before they sure do now. Banners of the boys are located in Harajuku this year which is a significant fashion and shopping region so these outfit definitely look the part. Starting July 26, the boys will also be on display in the newly opened SHINING STORE. Check out toki_ma's twitter for pictures of the banners!

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Haikyuu! Fanzine by Billies up for Pre-order
@ http://gdg.storenvy.com

4.75 x 4.75 inches
24 pages
Rated PG-13

Preorder ends August 4th, 12 AM EST. Orders will be sent out after August 11th.

Pre-order bonuses:
-First 5 preorders get a free Haikyuu!! sketch from me
-First 50 preorders get a free postcard (the last picture in the photoset)
-All pre-orders will be signed

I’ll pick one person from all the people who reblogged this at random to get a free zine! Giveaway ends August 4th, 12 AM EST. If you already ordered it by the time giveaway is over I will refund you what you paid ^^

Otakon pick-up is available. My table is V-02. If you’re picking up please leave me a note on your order or email me (hyunmi8@yahoo.com) If you preorder and pick up at Otakon I will refund you the shipping price.